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Member of the Month

J Waller
April Member of the Month:
Jaqueline Waller

I remember the first time I walked into Cigar City Club I just thought to myself, what a classy, upscale place which had a 1920’s type of feel.

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March Member of the Month:
Chad Massaker

Cigar City Club has quickly risen to be one of the preeminent cigar destinations in Atlanta; and we all look forward to the opening of the sister concept, which will have the largest retail humidor in Metro-Atlanta: Cigar City.

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February Member of the Month:
Teri Sims

I’ve been a member for well over a year now, and I think of CCC as my second home. I consider my friends here – an extension of my family.

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January Member of the Month:
Hassan Smith

“The best social scene for cigar enthusiasts in the city hands down. Great food, music, staff and ambiance. So glad I was introduced to CCC“

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December Member of the Month:
Lou Alvarado

“I have been a regular at CCC from its very first VIP pre-opening party. Julius built me a fine ramp but did not know it at the time it would be for me.“

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