Cigar City Club is the perfect setting for Private Parties and Corporate Events. With exciting menus by our critically acclaimed Chef, we take great pride in creating memorable and special events for 20 to 100 people. As a humidor lessee, you will never be charged a rental fee for any meetings or events that you plan with us at the club. Events are based on availability. You are also at the top of our invitation list for our Special Events. Each humidor is leased on an annual basis. You must be a cigar smoker over the age of 21. You agree to refrain from placing any cigar or other product in your humidor that may violate any federal or state law and you are responsible for the contents of your humidor. Management reserves the right to open any humidor for the purpose of maintenance Cigar City Club reserves the right to revoke the lease of any person who does not abide by the policies of Cigar City Club determined by its management. Cigar City Club reserves the right to close for private functions. Cigar City Club reserves the right to alter or change the private humidor-leasing plan at any time. Applicable sales tax will be added to the price of all humidors. Full payment is due at the time of signing. Cigar City Club reserves the right to remove items out of the humidor if the member decides to renew and does not pay the fee within 30 days. Lockers cannot be transferred

Replacement Locker Key $30
Replacement Member Card $30

We value your investment in fine cigars. It is our desire to store your cigars in perfect condition. With that in mind, we ask you note the following: Each brand of cigars possesses its own specific characteristics. These subtleties in bouquet and flavour may be lost if you do not separate various types. We urge you to keep your cigars in boxes, as opposed to placing them loosely in the humidor. Should you need a plastic bag or an empty cigar box for this purpose, please ask a member of our staff. Occasionally, we will place a hygrometer in your humidor for the purpose of testing the temperature and relative humidity. Please do not remove these devices. We may at some time place a small beetle trap in each humidor. This will ensure that your cigars are protected from any unwanted pests. We assure you that it will not impart even the slightest hint of flavour or aroma to your cigars; we ask that you do not remove this trap. Cuban cigars are NOT allowed in humidors as they have a high probability of transferring beetles and other organisms. You may not store any illegal items or substances within your locker. Management has the right to open and review contents of lockers at management discretion.

Permission to use photographic images:
Photographs of CCC guests at functions may be used in various CCC communications including the newsletter, website, and Facebook page. Group photographs taken at CCC events may be used without identifying individual members. I understand that to cancel my lease I must give 30 days notice to CCC at the address on this application. I also agree that all communications and billing can be received at the address on application and should lessee move or change information the club will be notified within 30 days. I have received a copy of the membership application and agreement and agree to adhere and abide to the CCC members rules as determined by management and amended from time to time. I meet all legal age requirements and will not engage in any illegal activity at the CCC. I agree not to hold CCC it’s officers and/or management and members not responsible for any property or personal injury resulting from the use of the facilities. I certify that the credit card listed herein is issued to me and agree that any charge dispute will be brought to CCC within 45 days of the charge after which all charges will be accepted as valid and non-refundable. I agree to keep a valid credit card on file with CCC for locker renewals. I certify that the information within this application is true, correct and complete. I agree that if any information is false this application may be revoked. I authorize the investigation of my background and release CCC and any company supplying that information from all liability.

I understand that information provided within is confidential and will not be disclosed outside CCC other thanfor background and credit processing purposes. Cell phones are permitted in the CCC with the following stipulations: a) phones should be set to the quietest ring setting or vibration mode; b) phone conversations should be limited to no more than five minutes; and c)the Member’s voice level should remain low throughout the conversation. Be considerate and aware of other