VIP Lifestyle Member of the Month

July 2018

Kim Primus

Preferred Cigar/Drink Pairing:
Drew Estate Java with a Cognac or Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay

CEO and Founder, HR Genie LLC


HR Genie, LLC



The minute we hit the top of the Cigar City Club steps, we knew this was home.”

Two years ago, Kim Primus and her husband were new to the Atlanta area and stumbled into Cigar City Club (CCC) following the recommendation of their real estate agent.  Continuing to present day, Kim looks forward to spending quality time with her spouse at the club without feeling a rush to leave.  It’s a place they can relax and share what she exclaims is the one thing they have in common…enjoying cigars!  CCC patrons know where to find Kim, next to her man on a couple’s throne of sorts in the quaint corner upstairs in front of the corporate lockers where they have been affectionately known as Queen and King.  They decided to become club members after their second visit feeling welcomed and embraced as a pair contrary to many places that seeming only cater to singles.  Kim was also fond of the top notch service, food and having good conversations with like-minded individuals at a venue that appreciates her culture.

Kim is a consummate entrepreneur; she not only lives the life but also motivates others to take “the leap” into this rewarding career path.  A few years ago, she started a Human Resources Management consulting business, HR Genie LLC, after breaking away from her corporate role in the same field.  She decided to make this transition after working excessive work hours and coming to the realization that she should be doing so for herself!  In addition to her B.S. and MBA degrees in Human Resource Management, Kim is also a Certified Benefits Broker and Leadership Trainer which enables her company to offer a full suite of services to her clients.  She provides HR for a small business to get them up and running, stay within compliance and offer benefit packages.  She also engages with larger organizations on more project specific services such as new leadership training or updating employee handbooks, etc.  To learn more about the robust offerings of HR Genie LLC, visit HR Genie LLC Website.

Kim’s career journey is an inspiration to others and she doesn’t hesitate to offer advice for those seeking a similar experience.  She firmly believes that if you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will.  The gift of owning your own company is that you can enjoy what you do and to grow and challenge yourself.  For aspiring business owners, she offers that one must be fearless and just go out on a limb and do it!  You also have to be good a building client relationships, be prepared to work hard especially in the beginning stages but stay the course as you can easily get side track.  Always Persevere!  Keep in mind you are investing in yourself!  And finally, know that the added benefit is that you will be able to pick and choose your clients.

In the effort to further promote entrepreneurship, Kim along with her family provides anonymous scholarship donations to historical black college and university students that are pursuing HR management degrees.  She was compelled to start this program after her daughter became a recipient of scholarship funding from an unknown person and she witnessed how it served as further motivation for her to succeed.  She was in awe that someone who did not know her, would invest in her future.  Kim understands the important of exposing students to new areas for “they have to see it to emulate it”.  She feels that we all share a responsibility to mentor and give back to the youth which is an award in itself.  She chooses her scholarship recipients through an informal program, reaching out to colleges/universities for a list of potential candidates along with their backgrounds and biographical information. She keeps track of the awardees behind the scenes with the help of school administration.  Kim plans to move this scholarship to a formal program and expanding it into other areas for aspiring Accounts and Registered Nurses in line with her family’s education background.

Kim, wishing you much success in these endeavors going forward and congratulations on being Cigar City Club’s July 2018 Member of the Month!

Special Thanks to CCC Member Dana Taylor for taking time to interview and write this piece highlighting our VIP Lifestyle Member of the Month